Odorgard & Hydecat

“Odorgard™ and Hydecat™ are Johnson Matthey licensed processes for the purification of gas and liquid streams, respectively. Hygrade have a long history of supplying both Odorgar™ and Hydecat™ into various industries.

Odorgard™ is focused on a system that promotes efficient scrubbing of many malodorous compounds and low-level volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a single stage; with highly effective use of the chemical sodium hypochlorite and no resulting chlorinated organics.  The system can be effectively retrofitted to existing scrubber systems, adding a further dimension to high-efficiency scrubbing.

Hydecat™, a catalytic method of removing sodium hypochlorite (bleach) from chlorinated streams, using a nickel-based catalyst in a modular, fixed-bed reactor to render it harmless.
While chlorine is vital in the manufacture of plastics and pharmaceuticals and as a disinfectant for health and safety, it is also a biocide and therefore under pressure to reduce levels in the environment. Hydecat™ effectively decomposes hypochlorite into harmless brine and oxygen. Economically producing clean, aqueous effluent to meet new environmental standards, cutting the cost of further chemical elimination, as well as the removal and handling of toxic waste.”