Packed Tower Scrubbers

Hygrade design, manufacture and install packed tower scrubbers as unitary items or more complete turnkey odour control solutions for chemical, waste and water industries.

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Venturi Scrubbers

Venturi scrubbers use high impact turbulence to create close contact between gas and scrubbing liquid.

With the ability to be used within single or multi-stage systems, Hygrade Venturi scrubbers can be used to remove both large and fine particles.

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Carbon Filters

Carbon filters can be used for a number of applications such as filtering volatile organic compounds, acid gases, chlorine and other gases.

With the ability to create a number of designs in-house, Hygrade has been the choice for number of organisations with complex and specific needs.

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Bio-Trickling & Bio Filters

Bio filters, -scrubbers and -trickling filters are used in the removal of hydrogen sulphide and general odour control.

Hygrade has supplied Bio solutions both in vertical GRP towers, as well as within a rectangular housing for use in larger systems. This gives Hygrade the knowledge to provide the most effective solution for both small and large developments.

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Tanks & Vessels

With extensive experience designing and manufacturing corrosion resistant plant and equipment Hygrade can provide the best bespoke solution for pollution control.

Our in-house metal fabrication unit has the ability to produce specialist structural supports, access ladders and other bespoke steelwork in order to provide a complete solution.

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Ductwork & Pipework

Hygrade ductwork and pipework is available in a wide range of plastics and can be reinforced externally.

Available as a stand-alone package or as part of a total odour control solution, Hygrade can also provide pressure rated systems using similar materials and manufacture them with external reinforcement.

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Tower Internals & Droplet Eliminators

Hygrade design and manufacture a full range of tower internals and droplet eliminators in both plastics and glass fibre. All production is fully in-house, we create internals and eliminators to meet the most demanding needs.

Our droplet eliminators are the most efficient method to improve emissions from spray towers, typically treated in air by a wet chemical scrubber.

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Odorgard & Hydecat

Odorguard is an effective method for removing bad odours from waste water and other treatment works. Odorguard scrubs water and removes chemical and organic compounds in a single stage process to remove odour.

Additionally Hygrade offers Hydecat as solution for removing sodium hypochlorite from chlorinated streams, rendering it harmless.

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Skid Mounted Packages

Skid mounted packages were originally developed with a focus on pharmaceutical clients, but can be implemented within a number of industries. Hygrade has the ability to mount a number of components onto a single skid and deliver it to site ready assembled.

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