Committed to Odour Abatement

Hygrade is a leading manufacturer of Odour Control equipment with many abatement plants successfully installed across the world.

We take pride in guiding our clients through the available technologies for odour abatement ensuring we select the most suitable and effective package for them.

Our qualified design engineers and skilled manufacturing team offer tailored turnkey packages that consider running and maintenance cost for future proof solutions. We provide the extraction ductwork, treatment system and all associated components giving a one-stop solution alleviating the need for multiple contractors.

Problem and Solution

Many industrial processes release unpleasant odours that if untreated cause unwanted local attention as well as potentially breaching environmental permits leading to costly penalties.

An effective Odour Control System extracts fugitive emissions to a common treatment plant which removes the odourous elements and exhausts only odour free air. Depending on the emission’s chemical makeup wet chemical scrubbers, bio filters or carbon filters can be used either as unitary item or in series to achieve high odour removal efficiencies.

Our service will identify the odour source, provide all suitable treatment options and select the best package with budget in mind.

Inspections, Maintenance and Refurbishments

No odour abatement offers a fit and forget solution and a odour plants ability to treat foul odours is underpinned by the health of the system.

We can offer one off site inspections or more regular visits to ensure your odour control is working to its best ability. Our experienced engineers will identify all required maintenance items from which we can provide suitable refurbishment packages keeping your site odour free.

With our chosen suppliers we can also offer bio filter, catalytic iron filter, carbon filter system replacements as and when required.

Industries Served

• Municipal Waste Transfer / Recycling
• Sewage / Wastewater
• Energy from Waste (Inc Anaerobic Digestion and RDF)
• In Vessel Composting
• Food Manufacturing, Pet Food and Rendering
• Polymer & Resin Production
• Paint